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Zahran: Fear from an escalation in the region destroys the chances of Diab to form a government.
Friday 10th of January 2020


In an interview with New China News Agency “Xinhua” the political analyst and director of Media Focal Center Salem Zahran, does not consider that there has been any delay in the cabinet formation as it will take from four to six weeks to form the government since the announcement of the new prime minister.


"If Diab succeeds in forming the government within six weeks, this would be a great achievement compared to the government of former prime minister Tamam Salam which required ten months to be formed," Zahran said.


Zahran believes that government formation is expected to take place on time because Hezbollah and other political parties urged Diab to accelerate work on the cabinet ahead of any possible escalations in the region.


He added that it is totally normal to witness differences among allied political parties in Lebanon.


He also noted that only a new political settlement may cancel the formation of this government which is not the case so far.


However, Zahran expressed his fear from an escalation in the region that may involve Lebanon and destroy the chances of Diab to form a government.


Lebanon is currently in dire need for a new government following the resignation of the cabinet of former prime minister Saad Hariri due to nationwide protests aimed at changing the political system in Lebanon.


Lebanon has been going through a very tough economic and financial crisis caused by failing policies of successive governments which resulted in a public debt of over 86 billion U.S. dollars.


The new government is expected to implement structural reforms aimed at reducing the budget deficit and dealing wisely with the current crises to save the country from bankruptcy and further deterioration at all levels.