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Salem Zahran to "East and West": After the visit of Bashir and the continuation of the work of the embassies of the Emirates and Bahrain in Syria .. Where are things going?
Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Salem Zahran, head of the Lebanese Media Focal Center said “At the height of the public political clash between Syria and Saudi Arabia, Major General Ali Mamluk,met Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman under the auspices of Russia”, pointing out that “this meeting was almost public and was announced in the media. Outside of the range, the information appears to have been repeated more than once in 2018” .


He added to the "East and West": Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, did not go to Syria in his capacity as President of Sudan, but it came within the framework of the Arab system. The opening of the Emirates and Bahrain Embassies, and the visit of General Ali Mamluk - this time to Cairo - are also in this context.


Zahran continued: The question is no longer whether Saudi Arabia will accept Syria's return to the Arab League, but the question becomes deeper: Does Syria accept its return to the Arab League? My personal assessment is that the Syrians will not accept to return to the League of Arab States except by reformulating the mechanism of action within the university. Who guarantees that what the Arabs have done will not repeat it again? And who ensures that the mechanism of Gulf domination of the League of Arab States will not return again?


He continued: The research is going on behind the scenes about the mechanism of the Arab system to see if Syria is useful or not useful in the return to the League of Arab States.


Zahran concluded by saying "We must always remember that unfortunately these Arab countries cannot do anything without American approval. Trump seems to have made a deal with President Vladimir Putin and share influence in the Arab world. It seems that the east is part of the Russian quota and therefore, they have come to the Arab President Bashar al-Assad partner and the Russian address in the east.